Laurie Riccadonna, Large Bouquet (2016)

Laurie Riccadonna, Large Bouquet (2016)

Tangible Imaginings
September 6 - 29
Opening reception September 6, 6-9p [JC Fridays!]
Artists’ Talk September 28, 5-6p
Closing reception September 28, 6-9p

Tangible Imaginings, curated by Fred Fleisher, draws together the visual artwork of Eun Young Choi, Marguerite Day, Laurie Riccadonna, and Woolpunk. Centered on the notion of the Material, the show considers each artist’s manipulations, transformations, and uses of materials to comment upon our larger frame of reference in the everyday.

On view Thursdays 5-8p, Saturdays 12-4p, Sunday 9/14 and 9/28 12-4p, in conjunction with gallery events, and by appointment.



NettedSeas_Postcard v2.jpg

Netted Seas: work by Zoe Frederick & Caroline McAuliffe
October 4 - November 9
Opening reception October 4, 6-10p [JCAST!]
Extended JCAST hours October 5 & 6, 12-8p
Gallery hours Thursdays 5-8p & Saturdays 12-4p

Join us for artist led workshops!
Open Crafting Circle: Lez Craft | October 20, 1-4p [$10 suggested]
Beginning Weaving Workshop | October 26, 1-4p [$10 suggested]
… and a masked Halloween Dance Party! | Oct 31, 7-10p [tix soon!]

Netted Seas surveys a landscape of the ocean as woman and creator, forming alien artifacts. Departing from the romanticized histories of seafarers and women’s labor, Netted Seas assembles a collection of masks, weavings, and curiosities that piece together a new truth. 

Bringing together the work of Caroline McAuliffe and Zoë Frederick, the exhibition is rooted in the archaic traditions of the sea, mythmaking, and a fascination with scavenged materials. It is a story of industry, power, and materiality. The work of McAuliffe and Frederick, connected through commonalities of material and process, solidifies and expands into an ongoing story; one that focuses on the devotional weaving of Penelope, Circe, and Helen instead of the hubris of Odysseus.

The gallery will be activated by an installation of artifacts, tokens, and tracings unearthed from the sea. In the storefront window, the artists will build a collaborative altar, a space that honors the sea and her powers. Programming during the exhibition’s duration will include two community workshops connected to the artists’ processes and a Halloween masquerade. An intimate display of relics, Netted Seas will draw viewers into the artists’ overlapping narratives.

Netted Seas is also open in conjunction with gallery events and by appointment. Email for appointments.




SMUSH Moves, Vol. 8
September 20 | 8p
$10-30 | Tickets

Up-close-and-personal dance and performance from Jersey City and beyond, featuring work by Paul Giarratano, paspe/moves, Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble, Ellie van Bever, Sydney Parker, and Sarah Rose. Reception to follow! <3


The Silent Committee
Saturdays September 7 - October 12 | 10:30-11:30a
$5 door

Join fellow silence-lovers in peaceful silence for a silent hour on Saturday mornings. Bring anything you’d like - yoga mat, journal, The New Yorker, needlepoint, sketchpad, coffee thermos - to occupy your silent time. No tech. No shoes.


The Just Now Orchestra & Viktor.Digital
September 23 | 7-10p
$10 door

Live & improvised music <3


Open Crafting Circle: Lez Craft
October 20th | 1-4p
$10 suggested w/a percentage benefitting the Hudson Pride Center | RSVP by 10/18

We invite you to an open crafting circle hosted in partnership with Lez Fest. You are welcome to bring in projects you are working on, like mending, knitting, quilting, and embroidery, or collaborate with the artists on aspects of their personal projects, such as braiding plastic bags into rope and hand crocheting. Foster a sense of community and connection while you work! Presented in affiliation with Netted Seas: work by Zoe Frederick & Caroline McAuliffe, on view October 4 - November 9.

Your RSVP is appreciated as we require a minimum of 5 participants to run this workshop.


Beginning Weaving Workshop
October 26 | 1-4p
$10 suggested | RSVP by 10/25

Make a mini weaving with colorful and funky supplies on simple DIY cardboard looms or with sticks! All supplies provided. Participants will learn various techniques including plain weave, rya knots, and loops. Provided materials include: yarn, tapestry needles, cardboard, sticks, pencils, scissors, and resource materials. Presented in affiliation with Netted Seas: work by Zoe Frederick & Caroline McAuliffe, on view October 4 - November 9.

Your RSVP is appreciated as we require a minimum of 5 participants to run this workshop.