Call for Art - Soft News

SMUSH Gallery presents Soft News
November 30, 2018 - January 27, 2019

About the Show:
Soft News is a group show of immediate, everyday, personal artwork featuring artists from Jersey City and beyond. All pieces are titled with a headline and credited with a byline.

Philosophically, Soft News is humble, human show curated in contrast to both the pointy (but very important) real news media and the glossy news feeds of your social platforms. (Wikipedia has some nice words on soft news vs hard news, and you ought to read them before you submit.) Art in Soft News is the news of the everyday, presented with compassion, humor, and insight, and without bite, bile, or malice. We further understand it as a tacit suggestion to the (very important) news media to please focus on the crucial news of the day and leave the softer stuff to other outlets.

What type of work will be considered?
Artists may submit between 5-15 works that speak to the theme of the show; our goal is to feature at least 5 works by each participating artist. The vast majority of work will hang on the wall, but we also accept proposals for sculpture and installation work for the gallery's street-facing bay window (appx. 4x6' on a raised platform). Drawings, paintings, mixed media, textile work, photography, and other media are welcome. All work must be delivered framed or otherwise prepared for presentation, and 100% ready to hang.  

What's this about headlines for titles?
Each piece in the show will be titled with a headline. Artists are encouraged to use their headlines to contextualize or enrich their work. SMUSH may wish to develop or refine headlines in conversation with the artist. If you have a great piece but no headline yet, submit it! 

How do I deliver and pick up my work?
All art must be delivered to SMUSH Gallery (340 Summit Ave, Jersey City, NJ) between Sunday, November 19 - Tuesday, November 21, before the Thanksgiving holiday. All unsold art must be picked up from SMUSH Gallery between Sunday, January 27 - Tuesday, January 29. Work left beyond January 29, 2019 will become property of SMUSH Gallery.

What about pricing and sales?
Artists are asked their preferred price for each work. These prices will be honored whenever possible, and SMUSH Gallery will discuss pricing adjustments with artists as needed. Please note that SMUSH does not insure artwork, and that prices over $500 are inadvisable in our market. Sales are split 50/50 (artist/gallery) after taxes and fees. Artists will be provided with a sales report and paid out by check or PayPal within 21 days of the show's closing.

How about promotion and attendance?
Presenting artists will actively participate in promoting the show via social media, personal invitations, web listings, etc.
Artists are required to attend the artists-only reception December 1 at 6p, and warmly asked to attend either the opening or closing reception with guests (December 7 and January 25, respectively), though attendance at both is very much appreciated.

Key Dates:
10/17       Submission deadline
11/2         Notification deadline
11/19-21   Work delivered to SMUSH Gallery, 100% ready to hang
11/30       Soft open (SMUSH Moves, Vol 4 mixed bill dance concert)
12/1         Artists-only reception
12/7        Opening reception (coincides with JC Fridays, a free citywide arts festival)
1/25        Closing reception
1/27        Close of show

SMUSH Gallery holds gallery hours Sat-Sun 12-4p and hosts family-friendly open studio days each month in addition. We also host a range of performances, classes, workshops, and private events. The gallery will be closed for the holidays, dates tbd.

To Apply:
1) Read all the material above. 
2) Email by October 17 with the following:

  • Briefly tell us about yourself, how you heard about SMUSH, and your relationship to Jersey City (if none yet, that's ok!)
  • Brief thoughts/reflections on the theme of the show, as it relates to your work or worldview
  • Your contact information, including phone, email, and relevant social media handles
  • Your submissions, 5-15 works. For each work, please include:
    • High quality image(s)
    • Title (take a shot at a headline; these can be workshopped later)
    • Dimensions 
    • Preferred price
    • How you intend to frame/present/hang it
    • Any explanatory notes about process/form/content that the curator should know
  • Confirm that you:
    • have read and agree to the show information detailed in this call for art
    • will deliver your work to SMUSH (340 Summit Ave, Jersey City) November 19-21, 100% ready to hang (Artists who live outside the region may mail ready-to-hang work; please indicate if you plan to exercise this option)
    • will pick up your unsold work January 27-29 (work left beyond January 29 will become property of the gallery (Artists who live outside the region may have their work returned by mail at their own expense; please indicate if you plan to exercise this option)
    • will participate in our promotional efforts
    • will join us for the artists-only wine reception and either the opening reception (December 7) or the closing reception (January 25), or all three <3

3) Check your email November 2 for your notification!

Questions? Email