Call for Art
Zero to 60 // fast work // sixty dollars max

SMUSH Gallery presents Zero to 60
May 24 - June 9, 2018 (*edit - May 25-June 9)

About the Show:
Zero to 60 is a group show of 'fast' work priced at $60 or less, featuring artists from Jersey City and beyond.

What constitutes 'fast' work?
Work where speed is in the process, product, theme, or sensibility. We're talking swift processes, snap decisions, work that hits you fast, quick-witted humor, slick surfaces, rapid rhythms, etc. 

What type of work?
Artists may submit up to five (5) works - anything that can hang on a wall will be considered. Other work will be considered if the artist proposes and supplies a means of display. Please include this info in your application.

What's the split?
Sales are split 60/40 (artist/gallery). Artists will be paid out by check within 14 days of the show's closing.

How about promotion?
Presenting artists are asked to actively participate in spreading the word via social media, personal invitations, web listings, etc. Artists are also asked to attend at least one of the parties; attendance at two or more is greatly appreciated.

Key Dates:
4/20        Submission deadline
5/7           Notification deadline
5/20-21   Work delivered to SMUSH Gallery, ready to hang
5/24        Opening Party (**edit - May 25)
6/1           JC Fridays Party
6/9          Closing Party

To Apply:
1) Read all the material above.
2) Email by April 20 with the following:

  • Briefly tell us about yourself, how you heard about SMUSH, and your relationship to Jersey City (if none yet, that's ok!)
  • Your contact information, including relevant social media handles
  • Your submissions, up to five works. For each please include:
    • High quality image(s)
    • Title
    • Dimensions
    • Suggested price, $60 max
    • Preferred/suggested hanging method(s)
    • Brief explanation of how the work is 'fast' 
    • Any explanatory notes about process/form/content that the curators should know
  • Confirm that you will be able to
    • deliver your work to SMUSH (340 Summit Ave, Jersey City) May 20-21, ready to hang
    • which of the parties you are able to attend (at least one, ideally two or all three)

3) Check your email May 7 for your notification.

Questions? Email